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Swingers HookUP

Not everyone in the adult dating scene is a single man.

Couples are very common, as are women looking for sex. This opens up a lot of room for swingers to hookup and play. Swingers are people who engage in consensual group sex, swaps, wife sharing, etc. It’s a pretty open community, so there’s a place for just about anyone who embraces some casual non-monogamy.

There are a few kinds of swingers, so you want to know what kind of people you’re dealing with. Once you know what they’re into, you know how to relate. Here are a few ways to swing.

Wife sharing Swingers

When a male/female couple do this, the wife is shared with other men or women. While the husband watches or participates. Just like any other swinger situation, boundaries need to be clearly established.

Full Swinger Swap

When a couple swings with another couple and partners are swapped. In this situation, individual partners pair with a partner in the other couple.  Spouses play independently with their temporary partners. It’s a great way to make sure everyone is getting their rocks off.


Another common thing in the scene, it bridges the gap with BDSM a little. A dominant female and submissive male couple invite another male in. This male is called the bull. He sleeps with the dominant female while the submissive male watches. The submissive male may or may not be required to serve as a fluffer.  Maybe even participate in some other humiliating way. Feminization may or may not be part of this ritual.

Swinger Scene

Gets it’s reputation for being male dominated or inequitable toward females.  But in reality, it’s one of the sex scenes where women have the most power. A single woman joining in can have her pick of scenarios. Married women in swinging couples are often having fantasies fulfilled that monogamous women only dream of. Women looking for sex have a great deal of choice within the swinger scene, even in wife sharing situations.

Some couples even use the time as a bonding experience.  Inviting another single man or woman to join in.  Playing with both people within the couple. This is great when you have one person in a couple who is bisexual.  Since it lets them play with the other side of their sexuality.

As a Swinger

You can do most anything you like within the bounds of etiquette and consent. Good manners mean everything when there’s a large group of people naked.  Observe the rules of the venue.  Remember to negotiate so you know what each person is into.

When you look into those boundaries, you’ll want to find out what their limits are. STI status, a brief sexual history, and their preferred method of protection.  Just these few things can tell you a lot about a person or hookup. They can keep you from stumbling onto problems after you’ve already started.

So if you’re looking for a wife sharing swinger hookup with more than one partner, or you want to involve your partner in the fun, swinging might be the perfect HookUP for you!

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