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Overcoming Stumbling Blocks To Sex

If you’re here, you want to find that perfect hook up, but what happens in between sign up and hook up can be a confusing scene. You have confidence issues to worry about, and you have to hope that the people you’re emailing understand what you’re looking for.

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Most barriers to sex are in your head and not the real world, or they can be fixed with a little tweak in your behavior. Here’s some great tips for hooking up with a dream catch that will leave people jealous, drooling, and wondering how you got that game.

The first things that catches people is assuming someone is out of their league. Forget that nonsense. There are no leagues, no levels, and no reason you can’t have someone if you’re compatible. It’s not about your looks, it’s about what you’re both getting out of a relationship. Don’t think of yourself as a 5 or a 7 and the other person a 9 or a 10.

Think of it terms of what you’re each getting out of this. Consider what you offer them and what they offer you. Everyone has something to offer. Maybe you’re funny, adventurous, or have the hook up at a local swingers club. Maybe you’re really really good at bondage or something. Play to your strengths and be bold.

Next, don’t stumble over yourself and fall stammering at someone’s feet. It seems creepy and makes people wonder about your motivations. A little confidence goes a long way. Remember that you’re as good as anyone, not better, but just as good and worthwhile. Approaching someone from that mindset shows off your confidence and sexual savvy.

People that are considered to be out of your league don’t get as many messages. Other people, just like you, aren’t trying because they have the base assumption that they’ll swing and miss. Take advantage of that opening. Saying hello with a polite but engaging message will separate you from the crowd from the get go.

One of the biggest tips is to make an effort. If your message goes through, and you get to meet this hot new friend, don’t show up dressed like a schlub with no manners. Put on something nice, style your hair, and wear cologne that doesn’t come in an aerosol can. (This message brought to you by the Women Against Axe Body Spray Coalition)

It’s not being fake to take pride in your appearance. To the contrary, it shows respect for your date and lets them know you’re not going to be lazy in the sack.

Lastly, don’t send messages if you’re not interested. Only try and pick up women you actually want to sleep with. Desperation is noticeable, and if they find out that you’re sending the same email to anyone with a pulse, your chances will dry up faster than her pussy. If you want to run with the big dogs, go for it; don’t equivocate!

These hook up tips will get you from the profile to the hotel room if you play your cards right. You’ve got the same chance as anyone else from the start, and it only gets better when you separate yourself from the rest.

Local Dates are looking for YOU!
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