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Online Dating Safety

Online dating can be a fun and satisfying way to get your needs met, but it does come with a lot of uncertainty. The simple stuff is easy to deal with. Will they look like their picture? Are they friendly and honest? Will they really want the same things?

The harder questions to answer involve your health and safety. Adult daters are savvy at getting to know new people, and meeting new people usually goes well, but you still want to play safely and avoid potential pitfalls and dangers. When it comes to strangers, and meeting spaces, it’s better safe than sorry. Staying safe doesn’t have to kill the mood or limit your play.

Here are a few tips you can use to keep things safe.

1. Consider getting a Member ID to verify who you are, and watch for them on the site. It’s an independent verification method for serious daters.

2. Use a safe call. A safe call is someone that you call or text at a predesignated time during your date. This ensures that you haven’t gotten into any trouble and things are going fine. Often times a code phrase is used to indicate that all is well or something has gone wrong, for example, someone might say, “feed the cat” to indicate trouble if they don’t have a cat. If you use a similar phrase, just make sure that it’s predetermined between you and your safe call.

3. Meet in a public venue first. Don’t meet directly at a motel or something. Instead, meet at a local coffee shop or the bar in the hotel. This allows you to verify who you’re talking to and finalize any agreement on which activities will and won’t happen.

4. Don’t invite an internet stranger to your home. This seems like common sense, but inviting a stranger to your home can pose any number of dangers. Wait for a couple meetings before bringing things home.

5. Take your own car. If you have your own vehicle with you, you’ll always have the option of leaving if things go wrong. While it may feel economical to carpool, having your own car with you gives you power and makes it harder for things to go wrong.

6. Watch the alcohol consumption and keep things consensual. People have been meeting over drinks since the beginning of time, and it’s not going to stop now. We understand that meeting at a bar is classic cool, and having a drink can be a great social lubricant, but safe adult daters know when to cut it off to keep things sexy, so limit your libations so you can both be present and at your best.

We love helping our members hook up. As an adult dating site, it’s pretty much what we’re about, but more than that, we want our members to be safe. We’ll keep your privacy and data safe, but you’re responsible for the rest.

So have fun, hook up, and play safely!

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