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User security is easily one of the biggest concerns HookUP’s adult dating subscribers have. With employers internet-stalking their employees to weed out undesirables and the Ashley Madison hack a few years ago, internet security has never been a higher priority for adult dating and hook up sites like Our members expect the highest level of protection available so their personal lives don’t become a professional hazard. For that reason, our team places data protection and security as a top priority.

The hack at Ashley Madison scared a lot of people, both site employees and members. There are two things you need to understand in a data security situation. The first is how data breaches happen, and the second is how to keep them from happening in the first place.

It’s unfortunate that some sex dating sites make big promises about the privacy of your information, and they might set up a good system in the beginning, but they don’t monitor it or stay on top of simple things. It’s easy to become lazy, and that’s when a data breach can happen.

That’s where the second part comes in. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. No matter how you try to fix a situation, the damage is done after a large scale breach. Members won’t be burned a second time.

There are some things that have gone wrong in other hacks that we won’t leave ourselves open to. The Impact Team, meaning the individuals that collaborated on the Ashley Madison hack, were open about their methods, and it makes clear the differences in security.

The easiest place to start is simple data protection. The hackers said, “Bad. Nobody was watching. No security. Only thing was segmented network. You could use Pass1234 from the internet to VPN to root on all servers.”

It’s obvious how shocking that is to hear, especially for someone who may have turned over their hard earned money and sensitive personal information with the promise of anonymity. Signing up to an adult dating or hook up website is tantamount to a handshake agreement. There is a trust that no one involved wants to be outed to the world and judged for being part of a sex dating site and hooking up with people.  After all, your private sex life is no one’s business but your own.

Another chilling statement that the hackers made revealed that they were collecting information for years. That tells us that lax security, even for a short time, opens the door for hackers and other cyber criminals, whether they are looking for personal information about your hook ups or financial data from payment processors.

The biggest problem other companies might run into is their priorities. If money is your first priority, money is what you’ll focus on when something goes wrong. If members are your first priority, your reaction to a threat is different.  HookUP is committed to providing a secure sex dating environment for those looking for a hook up.

Avid Life Media was given the opportunity to protect their customers, but they would have taken a huge financial hit. They chose their pocketbooks over their members, and that’s always a mistake., easily the most successful online retailer, makes a huge point about customers and business. They experienced huge growth by adopting a customer-first attitude. Any business can work off that model, including adult dating and hookup sites.

When a membership site is hacked, the most sensitive and telling information doesn’t come from the sex profiles, but from the credit card processors. Using safe payment processing is a critical component of security, and it’s never okay to think site security will make up for a lack of payment security. They are innately connected.
Hacktivism is more than a growing trend. It makes up a quarter of all cyber crimes, and any kind of site that draws the moral ire of a group has to be extra vigilant. Hacktivists have made their reasons clear, and can actively target certain adult and sex sites where married people might hook up.  The bigger reason though is sites that allow criminal traffic. We monitor out user traffic to prevent criminal activity like human trafficking as well as cyber crimes like scams and phishing. We do this mainly because it’s the right thing to do, but doing the right thing offers an additional layer of protection for our membership.

As the saying goes, the proof is in the pudding. It’s easy to put measures into place and say we’re secure, but there can be functional holes that don’t appear til testing. We use independent agents to test our security, both at vulnerable points and as a whole. Independent security consultation allows us the benefit of fresh eyes and varied expertise when it comes to protecting your information.

As far as, our site and your transactions are protected with 256-bit Secure Sockets Layer encryption. Additionally, our west coast operation takes additional pains to secure your information in our facility. Nestled among other tech companies, we employ the best of the best in terms of security and data protection. Their job is current security of course, but we also insist they stay on the cutting edge so our improvements outpace the tactics of hackers and criminals. These steps ensure that your sex hookups and private info won’t suffer the same fate as sites that have been hacked.

Because speed is important too, we use swap servers in location around the globe to give you the fastest hookup on the site, making it easy for you to secure your offsite hookups. In an ideal world, you would only have to worry about finding someone for mind blowing sex, and the security of your payment and personal information would be an afterthought. In the real world, you have to choose the site that takes your security as seriously as you do.

We pay attention to trends and new technology, and we’ve even been known to help other adult dating companies improve their information security procedures, because we see an attack on one adult sex site as an attack on our future members. If your information has already been compromised, our security won’t do you quite as much good. Of course, we’d rather you start with safety and avoid the risk.

We put some security in your hands. Users can obtain a verified member ID, proving they are real and who they say they are. It’s easy to spot if another member has gotten that verification. Where there are complaints of fakers and criminals on other sites, you’ll have every protection that can be offered.  That also ensures that your sex hook ups happen the way you plan them, and not with someone who’s catfishing.

If you’re going to hook up, remember to use protection online and in the moment.

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