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Online dating site comparisons : vs. Others

Why is a different online dating site?

This year (2017), we celebrate the 10th year anniversary of adult online dating site.  Online dating has come a long way since the industry leader,, launched the first internet dating site¹ in 1995. What was, in it’s infancy, a crude and stumbling site, now enjoys boasting about a  website that serves 25 countries in more than eight languages with 4 million people per month using, and visiting the site a total of 26 million times.

Mainstream dating sites tend to exclude people. Eharmony requires a test, and they reject tons of people, including anyone gay or alternative in their views. Similar sites lean toward marriage oriented straight singles as well. That’s where we saw a gap to fill. decided to take a more alternative path, literally! is adult dating for singles, couples, the LGBTQ+ community, those into BDSM, and many others alternative lifestyles that mainstream dating sites won’t touch.  We are proud to be a sex positive dating site dedicated to ALL PEOPLE HOOKING UP!

What are dates searching for?

While many other online dating sites differentiate between race and sexuality demographics, like: Asian, Black, Indian, Jewish, Christian, Gay, Straight, Swingers, and BDSM folks.  We’ve decided that you can use other sites if you lean toward that kind of separation. We’re a sex dating site for every type of adult looking for a hook up or NSA sexual relationship. is the adult online dating site for every age group and sexual deviance.  Sign up for a free membership or a trial to test out our unique dating site functionalities.  Our tech team is always working to make your hookup dating efforts as simple and painless as you would expect from a premier dating brand like

Adult Dating Tools. employs some of the best dating tools available.  We have cam and chat functions for those daters who want to communicate more intimately with their perspective matches.  In addition to model cams & videos for those hookup daters looking for the cream of the crop hookups. Finally – active users find that setting up a profile is less tedious than with other sites.

We have also heard that the platform is much faster and uses less advertising than other dating sites. We find that, as a business model, we function better providing a superior product to our members than if we crammed tons of adds and unnecessary things into the  site.

Online Dating Anonymity & Security.

It doesn’t matter how easy it is to hook up on our site if we can’t protect your personal and financial information. If you’re looking for sex dating, you certainly don’t want that information plastered up for employers, family and insecure and nosy friends to see, and protecting personal information and financial data becomes more important everyday.

We set high standards for ourselves when it comes to security and protecting our members. Offering a member id option, which allows you see if your potential match is real. In addition, we monitor our site for criminal activity, lowering the chance of an attack from outside. Finally- we use state of the art encryption to protect your payment and personal information so that you can hook up with confidence. Dating with anonymity & security is our goal.

Dating Site Options and Singles Preferences

You have no shortage of options when choosing a dating site. Think about what you want. If you’re looking for marriage and a white picket fence, there are tons of sites suited for you. If you’re looking to hook up with other consenting adults that desire the same things you do, you want a sex dating site that gives you plenty of options. is the best in that regard. We cater to all sexual preferences, so you don’t have to worry about looking or feeling weird or not finding a sexual match.

That means you can air your kinks and preferences on your profile without shame. Are you into something special like feet, spanking, threesomes, big asses, bondage, dominant women, or something else that limits your options? You won’t feel limited at a good adult online dating site, and hooking up with someone who understands your wants can be simple.

From The Past To The Future.

So you’ve seen that adult dating has come a long way since the advent of internet dating. Finding a sex partner online is no longer the seedy thing people once thought, and adults are finding every benefit in expanding their options and being honest about their desires.

Finding a local hook up date that fits your needs is much better than suppressing your sexual desires. People with a healthy and fulfilling sex life are happier and more productive in the rest of their lives. A good sex life helps lower stress levels and increases the production of good brain chemicals. It also is beneficial in the aid of lowering blood pressure and helps you sleep. Seriously, it’s a fact.

Our parents and grandparents were tight lipped about sex and sexuality. Now you can find classes on sexuality, sex toys, tantra, and more in most cities. They are held openly in sex toy shops and class spaces. Mental health professionals have recognized the validity of various fetishes and kinks. That means there’s no reason for you to hold back. Your hook up is waiting on someone just like you. Sex dating is the future of online dating, and we have the experience to help people find their match.

HookUP never stops the celebration…

As we celebrate 10 years of sex dating and the hook up online dating site experience.  We also have to celebrate our members and their search for sex dating nirvana. We’ve helped countless women, men, singles and couples find compatible sex partners or try something new with a new partner. We have no intention of stopping, and we hope to help people hook up for many years to come.  After all – sex is a real need, and our members are hot, on many levels.

Stay tuned and hooked up to find out more about events that will be having and attending.

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¹ The first online dating service ( was created in 1995 and, as of 2002, has had 26.6 million people registered (Rosa, par. 17). The services were initially very simple and only matched people based on profiles of likes and dislikes but now many dating services have evolved, having specific requirements for memberships.

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