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Hooking Up Without Losing Your Mind

Adult dating can be a tough world, and frustration is normal, but how do you send email after email without losing your patience or your mind? While a hook up is easy to find, we know you’re out there looking for that right person for an ongoing arrangement, and that might take you some time and a few meetings to get, so here are some ways to keep yourself from going nuts during the search.

First, change things up now and again. Do you meet your potential hook ups at the same bar every time, or do you use the same motel so much that the front desk clerk knows your name? Change up your habits. The first meeting isn’t just a job interview to be held at the same place each time. It’s a new adventure and new potential, so treat it that way. Pick a new venue each meeting or at least rotate between a few great choices.

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Women usually don’t care about where they go as long as they have fun when they get there, so try out new things, and your hook up will pick up on that adventurous and open spirit.

Next, understand, truly, that it’s ok to be super-selective about your hook ups. There’s no rule that says you have to date everyone that emails you or that responds consensually to your messages. There are plenty of people in your life that would encourage you to settle or to compromise, but there’s no reason you can’t have exactly what you want. Just remember that if you want that one in a thousand lady, you might have to talk to a lot of people to find her!

Very little will raise your level of frustration more than constantly meeting women that you’re not that interested in. While it’s good to give someone a chance, don’t settle for anything less than a perfect fit, someone that gives you energy rather than zapping it.

This might sound like common sense, but also consider doing more things than adult dating. If all your free time is dedicated to hooking up and meetings about hooking up, you’re going to get burnt out. All work and no play makes you dull and frustrated, so don’t lose your mind. Make time for yourself to recharge your batteries.

A way to do that is to take great care of yourself. There’s no reason all your spare cash has to go toward dating events. Get a massage or a nice haircut. Pick up a few new shirts. Spend some time in a hot tub or just by yourself having some good food. Taking care of yourself makes you more interesting, calmer, and a better dater in general. Taking time just to focus on yourself will keep you from losing your mind in the process.

Sign up for, and spend all the time you want looking for matches and meeting new people, but remember to spend some time taking care of yourself, and don’t let yourself get into a rut, relying on your routine or places you know.

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