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Hilarious Dating Blunders

Hook up highlights

If you’ve been part of the sex dating scene for awhile, you probably have some awesome stories.  Sometimes things go really well and other times things get a little funny.  Slip ups, surprises, and confusion are all something you may deal with eventually, and your ability to laugh and learn will serve you well.  As these have made the HookUP highlights for adult dating blunders.

We collected some of our members best sex dating stories and dating blunders.  Seems all y’all had some fun sex tales! Enjoy the Hook up highlights.

Hotel Horrors

I met a hook up at a local hotel. It was a late check-in, but a room was available, or so we thought. About 30 minutes after we checked in, plenty of time for us to get naked, a family used their key card to come into our room! Turns out the hotel double booked the room by accident. Talk about embarrassing.

Bathroom Blunders

I have an ongoing NSA situation with a young lady. We stopped by the toy store and picked up one of those foot rests that suction cups to the wall of your shower. If you’ve ever had shower sex, you know the water dries things out, so we had lube. While the foot rest was sturdy, the lube running down her leg made for slippery footing. We both fell in the tub mid-romp, and we had to come up with a creative explanation for her twisted ankle.

Awkward Angles

I have some of that positioning furniture, you know, the foam ramps and blocks to make sex positions easier. Didn’t have it too long when I got my chance to christen it with a hot blonde I met online. Seems I didn’t take into account the changing balance points with using furniture like that, and the foam slipped on my slick sheets. No one was hurt, but we both flipped over the back of the ramp and ended up on the floor. We both laughed it off and the rest of the night was hot and fun.

Hitachi hangups

One of my regular hook ups told me the Hitachi magic wand has some male attachments and uses, so I figured I’d try that out. I wanted to try it by myself the first time, so I went out and picked one up. She loves the toy, so I wasn’t really nervous. I had no idea how hard they vibrate! I flipped that sucker on high and put it right on my junk. It was so intense, I immediately threw the toy and fell down on the floor. It was the most painful and instant orgasm I’ve ever had, but I think I’ll take it a little slower next time.

Exhibitionism extras

A lover of mine lives in one of those quaint suburban neighborhoods. We hook up during the day, when his neighbors are all at work, so we’ve never had to be shy. He has one of those bay windows with a bench in his kitchen, and we just couldn’t wait for the bedroom. I was on my knees with my chest and arms against that bay window glass. We were so caught up, we didn’t notice a package delivery guy on the porch, staring at us with his jaw on the floor. I can’t imagine the stories he told his coworkers, and we’ve decided that the bedroom is best.

Hahahaha hook up dating blunders

It doesn’t matter how you hook up or when, you’re bound to have a little dating blunder at some point. The best people laugh them off and learn their lesson. We hope your dating blunders are less epic than these, or that at least you learn from these stories.

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