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casual sex

Casual Sex

Hooking up is what we’re all here for, right?

It’s easy to feel a little guilt or shame surrounding casual sex, even though hooking up can be an amazing experience. If you find yourself talking yourself into things or trying to justify your hook ups, here are some amazing reasons to jump into the sack.

1. Sex Feels Good

The simplest reason is often the best. Sex feels amazing, and you feel amazing when you have it. You feel more attractive, more confident, and ready to take on your day. Having a hook up is mutually beneficial, and a serious source of fun!

2. Casual Sex is Good For You

Sex is good for your health. It decreases blood pressure, burns calories, increases blood flow, and more. Hooking up won’t replace an exercise plan, but it is good for your physical health, and adult dating is a great way to make sure you’re reaping all those benefits. WebMD even lists several health benefits from sex.

3. Don’t Forget Your Mental Health

Yeah, sure, sex is good for your mental health. You can probably feel your eyes rolling right now, but it’s true. Sex releases dopamine and serotonin, feel good brain chemicals essential to mental health. That’s the explanation for the afterglow you feel. On top of that, regular sex can improve cognition. That’s right, forget what you’ve heard, sex can increase your brain power!

4. Skills Come With Practice

If you’re concerned about your skill level in bed, the only thing that will fix that is more sex. You can read books, worry, or lift weights, but practice makes perfect. Find a partner a little more experienced than your are, and dive into learning. Get honest feedback, and pay attention to your partner’s body. A regular hook up is all it takes to level up your sex game.

5. Communication Is Everything

If you’re having trouble expressing your needs in bed or you don’t really know what your needs are, hooking up gives you an open platform for experimentation. Regular sex will help your desires take shape as you try new things and honestly assess what you like and what you don’t. The more clearly you can communicate your desires to future partners, the more fulfilling your sex life will be.

6. Historical Quotes

If an inspirational quote helps things sink in for you, here’s one of our favorites. The Marquis de Sade, famous french author and a huge inspiration for modern S&M, said this, “Sex is as important as eating and drinking and we ought to allow the one appetite to be satisfied with as little restraint or false modesty as the other.” We don’t suggest you take your fun as far as this infamous provocateur, but the logic is pretty sound.

7. A Different Kind Of Plugging In

We focus a lot on our wifi connection when sometimes we should focus on human connection. Now we’re not going to spin a raucous hook up into something it isn’t, but spending time one on one (or two on one) with another person and working toward a common goal is a great way to feel a little less alone and a little more taken care of.

8. Casual Sex & Cultural Exploration

If you’re looking to explore other cultures, sex is the best way to do it. Whether you’re connecting with the Kama Sutra, an ancient text from India or trying out some Japanese Shibari (rope bondage), trying different sex acts and techniques can be as thrilling as experiencing new cuisines. Do your research and find something new to taste, and just like with some popular foods, you might find yourself hungry for more an hour later.

At the end of the day

Remember that you don’t have to justify your sex life to anyone. Sex is a natural, healthy, and fun part of our lives. Social stigma can be heavy, but there’s nothing wrong with having a little fun. We hope that you had fun with this, but even more, we hope you don’t need a list of reasons to have your needs met.

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