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Get Laid Tonight

That’s right: tonight. Not tomorrow. Not at that wedding in October where you’ll be buying drinks for that hot bridesmaid. Tonight. As in, depending on what time it is as you’re reading this, in a few hours. Here’s How: Step One: Register for a free profile with Step Two: Find everything you need to know to create a great adult dating profile right here at Step Three: Read the rest of this blog post. Step Four: ??? Step… Read More »

Transgender Dating Online

Dating is difficult enough when you fit into society’s most basic sexual conventions; when you’re gay or straight, lesbian or bisexual. In fact, it’s difficult at best. Many hate the process of misses and hits, repeated efforts, making the same mistakes and meeting the same people over and over again. It can seem utterly hopeless, and never-ending.

Single Parent dating and Adult Dating -

Single Parent Dating

For many single parents, dating or the first step once enough time has passed after the separation or divorce, and once the needs and custody of the children has been seen to, is finding someone else to spend time with. This can be a huge step, intimidating, and fraught with anxiety and confusion. But it can be exciting, as well. There are steps you can take to maximize the exciting part, and minimize the intimidating and anxious part. Some recently… Read More »

Hilarious Adult Dating Blunders

If you’ve been part of the sex dating scene for awhile, you probably have some awesome stories. Sometimes things go really well and other times things get a little funny. Slip ups, surprises, and confusion are all something you may deal with eventually, and your ability to laugh and learn will serve you well. We collected some of our members’ best sex dating stories, and you guys had some fun tales. Here are some of the hot and not-so-hot highlights.… Read More »

Hosting: Time to Get Your Bachelor Pad Together

Where the magic happens. Alright, we’ve met out cliche quota for the day, and now we can talk about your bachelor pad. It doesn’t have to be big: you can make a small one work. If you live in a big city you’re going to have to. But small or large, there are a few things that it needs to have going on. A guest, preferably of the gender in which you have romantic interest; and it would be nice… Read More »

Sending the First Message, or, How to Meet a Pen Pal

So, your profile is shiny and polished: good photos and great descriptions, and you’re keeping it updated. You’re faithfully following the greatest adult dating blog in the world here at, and taking careful notes. You’re ready. And now you may have found a good match. Well, save that good match you found so you can light post-coital cigarettes later, because we’re going to tell you what to say, and what not to say, to make sure you and your… Read More »

Adult Dating Websites -

Adult Dating for Fun and Profit: Seven Tips to Maximize Your Casual Sexperience

It’s the digital age! What fun! We are all connected all the time and have shades of anonymity that we can draw up or down as we see fit. There are adult dating chat rooms, adult dating apps, and adult dating websites like all designed to connect us with relationships that can start as non-traditional as we want them to, that can lead us all into temptation, and into liberating, no-strings-attached casual sex. It’s a relatively new landscape; a… Read More »

How to Create an Effective Adult Dating Site Profile

“IDK what 2 write, lol. I’m Devin, I like too hang out. I’m an only child I like pizza and making puzzles. Not sure what I’m looking 4, hit me up. Send a message if you want to know anything else. Yolo. Pics were taken at high school graduation. the kid in the pictures with me is my mom’s grandson.” This is Devin’s profile. Well, he’s not really Devin: we changed his name to Devin to protect his privacy and… Read More »

Classic Literature for Swooning and Panty Erosion

“And I…that sucked the honey of his music vows.” –Ophelia, Hamlet A little poetry, or a line or two from a classic play or novel, can go a long way toward sealing the deal. And don’t trust the snicker, or the muted chortle you might get in response: if you deliver it right and time it right, your guest or partner will read it as the act of a closer, and a closer is confident, impressive, skilled, and knows his… Read More »

Pick-Up Lines for Fun and Profit

The focus here is on adult-dating, hooking up online with But we’re happy to offer you dating advice for the real world, where girls live. So if you feel like you might like to step away from the chat rooms, profiles, and online personals, and go out looking for the elusive hook-up in its natural habitat, we’re still your man. Today, we’re going to work on your pick-up lines. Because they’re weak. Probably. For a pick-up line to be… Read More »

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