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Adult Dating for Fun and Profit: Seven Tips to Maximize Your Casual Sexperience

It’s the digital age! What fun! We are all connected all the time and have shades of anonymity that we can draw up or down as we see fit. There are adult dating chat rooms, adult dating apps, and adult dating websites like all designed to connect us with relationships that can start as non-traditional as we want them to, that can lead us all into temptation, and into liberating, no-strings-attached casual sex. It’s a relatively new landscape; a frontier, even, and we’re all learning how to take advantage of it. Here’s what we know so far, in seven simple tips.

Know What You’re Looking For

Just want to chat or text and exchange the occasional dicpic if it gets to that point? Someone hot on your arm at a big event? Someone to stay up all night chatting about seminal punk records, someone to try to break the gangbang record with your semen-al punk friends? A lustful weekend away? An occasional quickie during your lunch hour? A one-night stand? A two-night stand? A night stand? An eventual jaunt down the aisle? If you don’t know, your partner won’t, either. So consider what you need, and what you can sustain, given where you are in life as you shirtless selfies outside the Rent-A-Center to post to your adult dating profile.

Use Protection

This is really tip number one, but we didn’t want to start on a downer. You don’t require any exposition in order to understand what this means or what to do. Use protection. Always. We’re sure you do anyway, but we’re required to reiterate it for those few others who don’t.


Be honest and clear about what it is you’re doing together, what you’re not doing together, and why. And this is a good time to reinforce that you are indeed both about the same thing. If you’re not, you have an issue to deal with. Don’t let that issue become a subscription.

Once you’ve got all that straightened out, compartmentalize that shit. What, where, when, why, how, and with whom: these should be known, clear, and constant. A place for everything and everything in its place. Your life should be a McDLT: keep the cool side cool and the hot side hot. And once you’ve established that, make sure that both you and the boundaries remain firm.


Okay, some people might call this stalking. We suppose that if you figure out a little more about who they are and can find their Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn accounts, you would have some advantages. Gained from cyberstalking. But their adult dating site profile is fair game, as are the threads in which you’ve chatted. You can learn a lot there: career, interests, favorite foods and destinations, favorite colors, turn-offs and dislikes. Ideally, you’ll use this information to design a memorable experience when you meet in person. But it could be that the extra snooping referred to above might yield some red flags. Knowledge is power.

Be Open

The adult dating hookup is the opportunity to try something you might be curious about but wouldn’t have approached in the traditional relationships of your past. But keep in mind that your partner might have the same agenda, and their ideas might be things you never imagined, incorporating dry-erase markers, cornmeal, and sequences from Buster Keaton movies. The more open you are, the more open they will be. It’s a give and take. It’s always good to try new things. Except goeduck.

Adjust Your Standards

We’re not saying you have to start getting busy with men and women that are unattractive to you. We mean that with adult dating and casual sex, appearance is important, but so is experience, and if you’re compartmentalizing right, maybe there are some benefits to being with the less-than-ideal match. Maybe they’ll never be a wife, but might be a friend; maybe they’ll never be a friend, but a damn good lay. Maybe eye color, height, and career, for example, are really important to you but this match has other…skills worth retaining for awhile. Be flexible.

Don’t Assume Exclusivity

Unless you’re planning to be exclusive with an adult dating site match, don’t expect exclusivity from them; and even if you do expect it, be prepared that it very well may not happen. Take good advantage of that. And if your feelings start to change, remember tips one and three. And never forget tip two.

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